Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stop Struggling With Your Purpose

Today's guest blog post is from Jennifer Urezzio, on the topic of purpose.

Purpose is a hot topic in many of the workplaces that I am in contact with as a speaker, trainer and facilitator.  I have written about purpose and passion on a few occasions, and it is great to have yet another perspective shared on this topic, by Jennifer!

 Jennifer developed Know Soul’s Language to help people understand their own innate insight and voice. She is an expert at using intuitive abilities in everyday life to help people achieve their goals.  Jennifer is a member of the Evolutionary Business Council and is leading a tele summit later this month, visit: to find out more information.

Enjoy Today's post....   Stop Struggling With Your Purpose By Jennifer Urezzio

We have been living in a fear and judgment-based society. We have been bombarded with messages that say, “In order to be happy, wise and successful, we need to be living  in purpose.”

This creates a Consciousness of How:

 How can I be on purpose?

 How can I be happy and successful?

 How can I make this all work?

 How can I control this situation to get what I want?

The Consciousness of How is exhausting and drains us of our life force. In the Consciousness of How, we take the paradigm of manifestation: be, do, have and twist it into do (how), have, be.

The Consciousness of How can keep us wrapped in fear and comparison energy.

Here’s a new energy thought: what if, just what if, living your purpose is much more about being than doing.

What if your purpose is a state of consciousness for you and the how or doing is much less than we think it is? What if the new paradigm is: be, feel, do a little, and have?   I believe our purpose has two parts: the being (or the consciousness) of that purpose and Divinely inspired action (Let's call this Purpose in Action).

So, what does this mean for your life and your business? It means a paradigm shift. It  means working with your energy not against it. Let me give some examples using the Axiom of Quests (Soul Language category about mission of purpose).

If you are a Pioneer, your being and consciousness state is “innovation.” You don’t have to do anything to be innovated. It is your frequency. It is your “go-to state” of being. To have human experiences of your mission or purpose, you will want to create some Purpose in Action (Divinely inspired action). What might this look like? For a Pioneer, it could be creating something new, a new thought or a new approach.

Let’s take the Observer. The Observer’s being and consciousness state is one of “witnessing.” Once again, there is nothing to do in this state. I have heard Observers say it is almost like watching a movie. So, what might be the Observer’s Purpose in Action?

Maybe it could be sharing those observations with another and/or acting for themselves on the knowledge that they observer in their life. How do you know if you are caught up in the Consciousness of How? Here are some  signals that you are in this state:

 You are consumed by how it is all going to happen

 You are consumed with doing it right

 You aren’t pausing and going within for the answers

 You are consumed with looking outside of yourself for the answers

When I allow myself just to experience the being of my Axiom of Quest, it feels as if the world opens up. I begin to relax and have a deep sense of peace within. In this consciousness level I begin to receive clarity to take action on my purpose.

Personally, if I never had this understanding of this part of myself or the words to put to

this part of my Soul, I believe I would still be trying to conquer the how. Often we are

making our lives more complicated and being much too serious. Remember, you don’t

have to change anything about yourself. It is just embraces the truth of who you are


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