Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Steps to catapult success in business

Steps to catapult success:

Recently at an Evolutionary Business Council retreat I was on a panel to talk about how we have taken our business and platform to new levels of success. Here were the tips I provided:

1) Learning to work with and for my husband Christopher

I always joke saying "somehow my husband became my boss, the CEO of the company.  I must have missed the corporate memo!"  My husband and I are in business together. And I can happily say the way we have structured the business, our team and virtual team, and responsibilities, it is working amazingly well.  Many couples struggle to work together and be in business together.   We have learned how to capitalize and leverage our different strengths in a way that works for us, and our business. This has allowed us to work more effectively where our energy is, and maximize our time.

2) Systematizing the business

This is a biggee! I love the book the E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. His strategy about systematizing business made so much sense that this is exactly what we did. Initially the systems were more specific to our book and product division of the business, however, systematization is now occurring in other parts of our business as well.

3) Sponsors

We love our sponsors. Our In Kind sponsors, Marketing Sponsors, Book Sponsors, Event Sponsors..... the list goes on. Collaborating with other businesses and entrepreneurs in sponsorship arrangements has been a great benefit to us, and we are hearing the same feedback from them.

A few of our many sponsors at our On Toby's Terms Book launch party

4) Seeding to grow business

One of the ways we stay in touch with clients is through seeding.  Kim Duke taught me this strategy several years ago and it works!  Seeding is not push marketing, it is simply a way of staying in touch and recognizing and appreciate clients. We do not combine seeding and marketing at the same time. The different ways we have used seeding is a) sending copy of our new book, b) CD with some of our audios, c) coffee card...

5) Stop being a perfectionist

Yikes! A perfectionist?  That is what I said several years ago in response to my coach's question.  I am happy to say I am now a recovering perfectionist. When I let go of some of the perfectionist tendencies and expectations of myself, and focused on excellence instead, life opened up and our business grew.

6) Bigger Playground

I have start playing bigger and injecting myself into the national discussions in the topics of my expertise, such as communication, team building, business, and being an author.  I also surround myself with leaders and mentors who are successful, and who share similar values. And, I have fun!

I am happy to announce that GPS Your Best Life- Charting Your Destination & Getting There in Style, my new book co-authored with Debra Kasowski, is now available on Amazon (and coming to bookstores soon):

What success strategies are working for you?  As you move into the last phase of 2012, track your successes, and the strategies that are yielding great results. Do more of what is working!

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