Friday, September 14, 2012

Plan For Crisis in Business

Do you have a crisis plan for your business?

Are you prepared if there is a three day power outage?

What about if your computer crashes?

Business involves taking risks (well thought out), having a plan and a strategy, building your allies
and champions, and playing full on.

Beth Caldwell said that very few businesses are prepared for a crisis, and without a plan, their business could be negatively impacted. In fact, Beth interviewed 200 business owners and very few had a crisis management plan. In fact, out of 230, only 2 had a plan. I had the opportunity to interview Beth on my Corporate Conversations with Charmaine show- you can listen here:

Beth offered some great tips for business success, and crisis plans:
  1. Reword your goals and adjust the time lines. When your goals are close in the future, you will reach the goals sooner.
  2. Plan for a crisis. This could be a key employee leaving, a change in funding, losing a major client, a flood in your building.  What would you consider a crisis in your business?
  3. Create simple steps for manage a crisis. For example, what if you had a power outage for two days, how could your business survive? Back up lists, have information in a cloud, etc
Beth Caldwell owns her own public relations firm in Pittsburgh, PA where she specializes in working with small business owners and entrepreneurs. She is a “40 under 40” Winner, having been recognized by Pittsburgh Magazine as one of the city's most influential young business leaders. She is the author of “I Wish I’d Known That!, Secrets to Success in Business.”, “Inspired Entrepreneurs”, and “Get Paid What You’re Worth! A Guide for Professional Women (coming this fall). Beth was honored with the “Radical Woman of the Year Award” in March 2011 in Washington DC. Her passion is to empower and inspire women to achieve their full potential.

To hear more tips from Beth on planning for crisis, listen via this link:


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  1. The economy goes up and down, but these tips will certainly help any business to ride out the bad times.


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