Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leadership Doesn't Mean You Must Have ALL the Answers

What are the moments of leadership that stand out in your mind as a turning point or an AH HA that moved you into action and change? Lisa Chell talked about how turning points and defining moments can really move a team forward. I had the opportunity to interview Lisa on my Conversations with Charmaine Radio Show:

Lisa is president of Ultimate Clarity Incorporated and specializes in coaching leaders, managers and decision makers to lead with both logic and heart. As a speaker and coach, she focuses on fresh, instantly usable, breakthrough ideas which give you an easy, immediate action plan that helps you be the leader of your life so you can empower others to do the same. She is a licensed and accredited senior certified and group certified Power Coach with Mind Kinetics as well as an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. She is also a contributing author to the book Succeeding in Spite of everything. Website:

The Coach Approach to leadership was explained by Lisa as being able to coach yourself through team, personal and business challenges, so that you can then coach others. One of the challenges many leaders face is that they are promoted to supervisory positions without the development needed, such as coaching tools. These coaching skills become extremely important in helping teams move thorough the emotional aspect of conversations, conflict and change.

There is a tendency to want to move through this part of the conversation quickly, and to solve the issue, however, I know firsthand from my experience as a mediator and dispute resolution expert that the discomfort in these dialogues results in rushing past what matters most. The emotional aspects will continue to surface unless they are effectively addressed and managed. Listen to the show here are Lisa walks you through how to be more effective in these dialogues, and how to model the behaviour and values you want team to incorporate in their own attitudes, and actions. The more comfortable you are as a leader, the higher comfort and safety the team will experience. How you lead, and learn really matters.

Here’s the great news! You don’t have to have all the answers or fix everything. A leader’s rle involves creating the boundaries, environment and culture for the team to safely address the emotional and tough issues with respect and ease.

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