Friday, July 27, 2012

Workplace Wellness at its Best! Move with Purpose!

Move with Purpose! Workplace Wellness at its Best!  Take the stairs, sprint for the bus, take the long way to the photocopier, walk at lunch, these are just a few simple ways to increase movement and improve wellness in the workplace said Tara Marie Segundo when I interviewed her on my Conversations with Charmaine Radio Show. You can listen here:

Like with many things, it comes down to number crunching. Basically we have 168 hours per week. Tara Marie stated that even if you exercise 4 hours that still leaves 164 hours. If you sleep for 8 hours per day that total 56 hours in a week, so you are still left with 108 hours in the week to be active. Here are some simple strategies to improve your movement: Stand while you are on the phone. Keep your water away from your desk so you have to get up every 20 minutes for a drink. Take the long way to your meetings. Run the stairs at lunch.

Tara Marie has enjoyed learning how our bodies work, and how much control we actually have over our health and how we age. You get energy from giving it. Smart companies get the importance of health in the workplace. They know that healthy employees are engaged, productive, happier and more likely to stay and perform well. Healthy employees use less sick days and have less chance of chronic health issues.

What are you doing to move with purpose?

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