Monday, July 23, 2012

Serve Your brings lasting results!

Well, I know firsthand that the work really begins after the book is written.... the day you open your boxes of books, hold them in your hand and say “now what?” I had the pleasure of interviewing Wendy Lipton-Dibner on my Your Book As a Business Radio Show and she shared a wealth of information to help authors, and aspiring authors. These tips will also benefit entrepreneurs and businesses who are selling products and services.

One way that authors can sell more books is to be speaking about their book and the concepts they have written about. This can include speaking in front of audiences at conventions, workplace events, and tradeshows, or, it can be through a video series. And remember, videos don’t have to be 90 minutes, they can be 90 seconds!

Wendy also stressed the importance of media, and how media can help you bring your message in front of your audience, and those who need to know you but don’t .... yet! Wendy recommended the services of RTIR with Bill and Steve Harrison.

Authors, here is a new way to think about selling your book. A few books sold to the right few people could result in thousands of sales down the road. So it is imperative that you write with the reader in mind, using their language, solving their problem, or sharing stories that they deeply connect with. One strategy is to lower your speaking fees if the client buys books for everyone. Think about who would benefit by being in front of your readers. For example, with my book On Toby’s Terms, and Toby The Pet Therapy Dog & His Hospital Friends- they are both about our dog Toby. So, this could include pet stores, vets, trainers, dog day cares, pet food manufacturers. Wendy encourages us to think realllllllly big. Manufacturers vs individual stores. This creates more extensive speaking opportunities for you as an author and speaker. They could offer book as people become new clients or through their individual stores. Or, watch the big companies to see what is going on in their world, their news. Use their issue or information in a tagline to promote to them.

Building relationships and serving your readers builds long lasting support, interest and sales for your book. And most importantly, stepping into action is what creates results! Time to buy a great pair of running shoes!

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