Saturday, July 21, 2012

Defining Moments, AH HAs and Turning Points in Business

What are the turning points in your life? Business? Team?

How did these defining moments change your life?

What was the connection between the turning point and getting clear on what you value?

Athena Katsaros is a Leadership Coach who is passionate about helping people use all their gifts, skills and talents. Her website is

And, she was my guest on one of my recent radio shows Conversations with Charmaine  - 
She talked about the wake up moments or defining moments that change us and take us on a different path in life. Her life changed dramatically when in 2001 when Athena discovered she was content in her marketing business, but not really happy. She went through a number of courses and coaching programs and learned about creating work that you love, and to be paid well for doing what you love. She created a three month program for women who lost their husband in 911. She leaned to be a coach- and saw first hand the transformation that occurred for these women as they came together and formed a community as they worked through their grieving process.  Through this defining moment, Athena discovered that having the life you love involves a few things:

1) Identify what is most fulfilling for you.

2) Values- identify what is most important for you then the values will drive your decisions and actions

3) Be crystal clear on your values as they drive the micro decisions.  She asked a great question... how do your start you morning.  Are you rushed and choking down your  breakfast on the way out the door, or are you grounded and taking time to enjoy time with family or time for you before heading out the door.  When you are clear on your values, you live life differently.

You can learn more about our conversations by listening to:

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