Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Assumptions Often Lead to Trouble

Avoiding assumptions in relationships and communication is powerful skill. Easier said than done though, but generally, the assumptions that we make about other people are wrong. Rather than making assumptions, check the information with the person. Ask questions rather than making assumptions. It will certainly improve the communication and not get in the way of the relationship.

When assumptions are not checked out, a person runs the risk of acting on the assumption and creating another challenge. Generally speaking, people know when you have made an assumption about them (just as we do when others have made assumptions about us). Since assumptions often shape our actions, it is helpful to ensure that an inaccurate assumption is not leading behavior.

Despite all our best efforts, conflicts can still happen. If you find yourself in a conflict a conversation needs to be had. Don't delay this process. Be sure to write out what you want to discuss and practice it first but, have the conversation as quickly as possible. Discussing conflict requires people to communicate courageously. Keep these essential skills for managing conflict effectively in mind while having the discussion:

· courageous dialogue

· listening

· paraphrasing

· questioning

· empathy

Avoiding assumptions can help you avoid conflict. Keep these tips in mind and keep bouncing forward!

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