Friday, May 3, 2013

Business Success in Sixty Days- experts share their "how's"

How can a business dramatically increase revenue in sixty days?

Greg Kopchuk, my guest on Corporate Conversations with Charmaine radio show, shared some brilliant tips on the show.  Greg is the Master Licensee of ActionCoach’s Alberta, Peel, York, and Halton regions of Ontario. When he became Master Licensee of the Canadian Franchise company in 2004, he managed to take it to a multi-million successful national company. He prides himself on being a hard-working, successful business coach who encourages all small business owners and entrepreneurs to stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

When working with businesses and entrepreneurs he helps them work on the business which includes:
1) helping them free up time so they can take holidays, spend more time with their family and work regular work hours instead of 80-100 hour weeks,
2) hire right,
3) create their competitive edge, and
4) increase the company bottom line profit.

The approach Greg promotes is the Whole Business Approach. It is essential for companies to know their metrics and financials. Mastering time is an essential element of whole business success, as is standing out in your niche.

You can listen to Greg's tips about business success here:

Setting your business up as if it were a franchise is another business success strategy Greg offered, this includes systematizing your business, hiring the right people to carry out the systems and establishing your business so that it can run efficiently and effectively in your absence.  Greg is an expert at Franchise and Licensee businesses, and shared that for new businesses, a franchise could certainly be s top option because not only is the business and brand already created, the owner has fewer learning curves, more support, and walks into a turnkey operation.

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