Saturday, May 4, 2013

Why Bouncing Forward Expedites Success

To bounce forward™ is to be resilient … to stand tall, lean in and grow through change, challenge, crisis and adversity.
 Let’s face it. We all have challenges, even the most successful people. Just by the very nature of living life, being in relationships and wearing different hats, there will be times when life just seems to be a series of road bumps and detours.  As we speed through life, situations will crop up that test our values, patience and integrity.  Resilient people and resilient workplaces move through these situations with more ease, grace and dignity, and, they usually learn the “lesson” so the situations show up fewer times in future.
On May 5 I am part of a wonderful tele series (free) with other transformational leaders who are all committed to helping others live an empowered life. I will be speaking about my best tips to Bounce Forward in Life, and will share my Bounce Forward solutions model.  You can see a few of the many tips below...

This is truly a special One-Time Virtual event that is designed to help you recognize what is holding you back from feeling and being your best. You’ll learn--

● How to bounce forward, what to do to live a FEARLESS and CONFIDENT life
● How to increase your positive energy, happiness, & outlook
● Identify your purpose and how to achieve it
● Break the cycle of self-doubt and negative thoughts
● Release the past & live in the present
● The behavior and mindset of incredibly confident women...who once weren’t
● Anti aging beauty secrets through balancing hormones and proper nutrition&
● How to find the courage and strength to say YES to your divine feminine essence

And much more… Get started now!

Tap into the minds of women who are incredibly beautiful, accomplished, successful and empowered. Extract exactly what you need to motivate, transform and succeed at creating the life you’ve always dreamed possible. If any of this resonates with you then sign up now. And kindly share this with your friends, relatives and women you know who could benefit from this fabulous experience. Join us for Live an Empowered Life Now if you're ready for that real change. If not now, when?

In the meantime, here are a few tips to start bouncing forward....

1) Use a timer for different activities such as hanging out on social media, errands, taking care of your home, work projects. When you are aware of how much time certain activities take, you can plan more efficiently and eliminate time wasters.

2) Complete the most challenging and important tasks early in the day.

3) Avoid watching scary shows, doing paperwork, and checking emails before you go to bed, this impacts your ability to have a good night sleep, and sleep is essential to resilience.

4) Take time for you...every day.

5) Have a weekly plan so that you can ensure you confirm appointments, travel etc...., all the details that become a stressor when they end up in a crisis because there was no plan.

Please join my fellow top experts and me here.

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