Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Leadership and Business Success- the experts share!

Jenny Flintoft was my guest on the Conversations with Charmaine radio show.

Jenny Flintoft set up her own leadership and business consultancy in 2001 with the single desire to help as enable as many people as possible to become more successful leaders in their work and personal life. After doing that across the world on almost every continent, since 2009 she has purposefully shaped her business to focus on enabling people wherever they are to feel more inspired, motivated, fulfilled and confident in their lives. In a nutshell, Jenny helps you live Your Life – But Better!  Website:  You can listen to the interview with Jenny here:

Leadership is not just about a position in the workplace, a title or a name plate on an office door, it is about being a leader in one's life.  Jenny shared some tips to help strengthen leadership... one is that little things do matter. Jenny shared different examples of leaders taking little actions that produce big results. She also talked about the role that choice plays in leadership. While we may not have choice about the events and situation that happen at work and in life, we have choice about how we respond, and to ask oneself if how we are behaving/responding is adding value. 

Jenny also encouraged listeners to pay attention to our they build the habits foster healthy the habits create connections and collaboration? 

As you explore your role as the leader in your life what habits are worth keeping?  What habits need some tweaking? Where is there room to develop some new habits? 

Here are three tips to build your leadership capacity:
1) recognize successes, accomplishments and wins
2) remember that little things do matter and can create big results
3) know that you don't have to know it all, have all the answers, and that is is OK to ask for help

Wishing you a great week being the leader in your life!!

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