Monday, February 4, 2013

Are you UP on Executive Presence?

At a recent International Women Business Owners conference, I was speaking on sponsorship relations in business, and also led a round table discussion on bouncing forward in business and thriving during challenging times.  
Susan Ascher

Susan Ascher is President of the Ascher Group, an award winning consulting firm, respected for their training and leadership. Susan helps companies raise the bar in communications, teamwork and customer service. 
She provided a great presentation about the 7-UPS of having an executive presence at the International Women Business Owners conference:

Do you know the 7-UPS of Executive Presence? Here's Susan's 7-UPS:

1)      Dress Up- look your personal best. I like to say “how you show up really does matter.”

2)      Show Up- be on time, prepared

3)      Stand Up- are you confident? Do you inspire others?

4)      Speak Up- how do you sound, are you confident, is your message clear?

5)      Listen Up- are you open to other perspectives?

6)      Lighten Up- Are you taking things too seriously?

7)      Follow Up- do you follow-up immediately, or as Susan calls it “the 24 hour rule”

As you think about your week that just went by, how did you do with Susan's 7-UPs?

To learn about her book Dude Seriously – It’s Not All About You! is available on Amazon, you can check it out here:

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