Sunday, February 24, 2013

Unleash Your Potential

What are the habits of successful people?
How do they demonstrate leadership in life and in business?
What does leadership look like in the coming years?
What are your best lessons in leadership?

These are a few of the many conversations that will be a part of the upcoming tele-summit. I am delighted to be a part of this tele summit alongside 20 other incredible leaders! 

Ready to unleash your full potential?

Starting February 25th and celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Women’s History month for all of March, Vanessa Halloum will be bringing together over 20 highly successful and power women who will be teaching you how to create the inner power and outer success that YOU deserve.  Register for free at

I was fortunate to interview Vanessa on my radio show and really enjoyed the conversation about leadership and women in leadership roles, you can listen to our conversations here:

Listen to internet radio with Conversations with Charmaine on Blog Talk Radio

As you step forward in 2013, reflect upon what makes you a powerful you inspire others to follow... and the type of leadership experience you want to create.

Here are a few tips I learned about leadership along the way:
1) How you show up as a leader really matters.
2) Leadership is not just a title or role, it is a way of being.
3) You do not need the title "leader" on the organizational chart to be a leader at work.
4) Leaders take risks, they know when to lead and when to follow, and they are able to take responsibility when they make a mistake.

Check out Vanessa's book, and my new book (co-authored with Debra Kasowski) if you really want to take leadership to the next level.

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