Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are you a wealth leader?

Money is one of the most frequent arguments in marriages, and one of the biggest stressors in business. 
How many times have you heard someone say something like “If I just made more money I’d be happy” or “If I could just get out of debt, life would be better.” The reality is that more money doesn’t solve the root problems. How we think about money and what we learned about money is critical to how you manage and relate to wealth. Do you approach money from the view point of scarcity, or abundance? These are critical questions to moving away from the money traps and becoming a wealth leader.
Karen Russo, author of The Money Keys
Karen Russo was our guest on Conversations with Charmaine radio show
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Karen talked about wealth, wealth leadership, and what gets in the way of attracting what you want in your life. Karen is an award winning author of The Money Keys.

Wealth isn’t a number stated Karen; in fact, if you talked to people who are wealthy, they might say that they too desire more money. “Money is really just a tool” and wealth leaders do three things to achieve wealth in their lives:

1)      Intention- focussed choosing, decisions and they know their “why”

2)      Investment- they invest in themselves through time, energy, money and putting their attention on what they desire

3)      Involvement- interest in what they desire

What is needed to truly achieve wealth comes from spirituality/values/ethics, beliefs and habits. 
Here's the good news...beliefs and habits can be changed. 

Questions to consider:

-          Where are you hanging out and who are you hanging with?

-          What are you putting your attention on?

-          What stories are you following or reading about in the news?

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Listen to internet radio with Conversations with Charmaine on Blog Talk Radio
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