Monday, December 3, 2012

Courage: is it necessary for teams and business?

Does courage in business make a difference?

I think it does. In fact, courage is an essential skill for leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs and team members. Courage is one of the foundations of:

1) Resolving conflict respectfully and effectively
2) Leading teams through change
3) Taking risks to bring your business or team to new levels of success
4)  Stepping into new skill sets and personal growth

Recently I was a guest on the Fantastic Frank Radio show, talking about my books, including On Toby's Terms, and GPS Your Best Life (co-authored with Debra Kasowski).

Courage when accompanied by sincerity, authenticity and humility is courage at its best. Frank and I talked about acts of courage and how courage can help you look at a potentially challenging or traumatic event through a different perspective. 

Here are a few tips to bringing more courage into your day to day actions, relationships and communication:

1) Be open to new perspectives and ideas instead of being tied to your perspectives only
2) Ask lots of questions, be curious, and recognize that questions invite a deeper dialogue
3) Instead of assumptions, take a step into courage and ask for clarrification
4) Every day challenge yourself to try one new skill or activity (for example, try a new food, listen to music you haven't listened to before, start a conversation with a stranger... basically, take a small stretch out of your comfort zone)
5) Ask yourself the big question.... WITWTTCH- what is the worst thing that could happen by....

When you step into courage, you move through discomfort and sometimes through fear. Practice makes it easier, and, invites others to step in this direction too.

Charmaine on Fantastic Frank Show Nov 15/12
Listen to internet radio with FantasticFrank on Blog Talk Radio

Charmaine on Fantastic Frank Show Nov 22/12

Listen to internet radio with FantasticFrank on Blog Talk Radio

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