Monday, October 22, 2012

Publicity For Your Business (and your book)

Publicity is important. It can help you as a business or an author stand out. And, it can help you be remembered.

Dan Smith, is the founder of Smith Publicity, a full service book marketing and publicity agency which has promoted more than 1500 books since 1997.  Their clients have appeared on virtually every top radio and TV show, and have been featured in leading print outlets. (

Publicity, according to Dan can include radio, TV, magazine articles, feature stories, print media (e.g. newspapers), reviews, and other forms of media coverage.  Publicity can be of great value to authors and businesses because it helps you stand out, and publicity gives you credibility. And, it helps you get your message (and your book or product) to the masses. 

Some of the mistakes that authors are making include:
- writing press releases without knowing the format, process or how to write a release
- not being media trained or lacking media savvy skills
- saying things like "as I say in my book" or actively selling your book
- not carefully choosing what you say when interviewed by print media

Changes in the world of publicity:
- for authors, there are about 1000 books published every day, there is great competition, so you must stand out.
- it is more difficult to get media attention

Social media can be a great support for traditional media. Smith stated that when your business or book is featured in traditional media (TV, radio or print), you can post the link and share through social media.  Social media requires businesses and authors to provide lots of value, and useful posts, otherwise your followers start to disappear and disengage from you. If you are considering advertising, ensure that you explore niche specific markets, this will give you the biggest bang for your buck. You can listen to Dan's great publicity tips at:

Some take away tips for you:

1) Know your audience
2) Have a publicity plan
3) Work with the experts
4) Find ways to stand out
5) Be optimistic, and have fun!

Here are some books that are on my bookshelf and that I highly recommend:


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