Thursday, October 25, 2012

Business Success: Know Your Vital Signs & Statistics

Whenever we visit our doctor for a check up, our vitals signs are checked (temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.). However, many businesses that I work for do not take their own vital signs and statistics.  Why is this important? 

Well, just like regularly checking your blood pressure and other health checks, you are alerted to potential issues or immediate needs- The same rings true for business. Many businesses do not know their cash flow, their bank account statement, what work is confirmed and coming down the tubes, their conversation stats, etc. Knowing this has saved some businesses and has catapulted others into big success.

Just like checking the temperature for the day can help you prepare, be safe, and comfortable, the same is true for business. Staying on top of your numbers keeps your business running smooth, helps you prepare for change, and you alerted to potential issues.
Fridays is my Vital Statistics Day… I believe that every author, entrepreneur and business owner should have a vital statistics day. Many of my clients have no idea of how many business exchanges they have closed, what their sales were like for the week, what their conversion stats are, how many sales calls they made, and how their time is spent on a weekly basis. These are just a few examples.

Each Friday I take the vital statistics of our business. I opened our corporation, Hammond International Inc. in 1997, we are now 15+ years old, and have learned a lot through those years. One such learning was the need to know your vital statistics and signs.

Here are some examples of my Friday Vital Statistics Activities:

1. Website statistics and analytics

2. Review contracts, sales, and closed projects.

3. Track book sales, speaking engagements and other business activities

4. Follow up with clients

5. Check our sales, regions our books sold in, and number of new endorsements on our book pages.

6. Check our Blog Statistics: number of blog reads and views, number of followers, etc.

7. Check our affiliate revenues.

8. Visit my three radio show statistics for listenership and download statistics

These are a few of the activities I do on Friday Vital Statistics day. How can you adopt this for your business? How would being closer to your numbers, stats and business goals help advance your business and team success?

Some of the other activities that I do on Vital Statistics Day include sending thank you cards to my radio guests, to hosts of media shows I have been on, and to clients for doing business with me.

Being in touch with your business numbers keeps you focused on your business goals and targets, the financial needs of your company, and serving your clients in the best ways possible.

Happy tracking!


  1. Very helpful. Owning a business is a new playing field for me. I am always excited to read another one of your posts - as I know I will take some very valuable information from it. Information, that I can apply to my business. Thanks Charmaine!

  2. Thank you Marriann, so appreciate your comments. Wishing you a successful week!


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