Monday, September 24, 2012

Showing Up Better Than Average

Show Up Better Than Average

Todd Brockdorf is a better than average guy... In fact he is models what better than average looks like, and wrote a book about this topic. Todd is not an astronaut, a professional athlete or a reality TV star (yet), he is a regular guy who discovered how to excel beyond the ordinary and find what moves him in life. His bestselling book, Better Than Average: Excelling in a Mediocre World is catching lots of attention. Todd is also a speaker, and consultant influencing a global conversation to end mediocrity.

Todd did a lot of research over a ten year period to write his book. He remembers the day he decided that “there has to be more than this”. He shared his story, 2:07 in the afternoon, smelling burnt coffee and the feeling of mundane routines. He started to do some field research about how to stand out from the crowd.
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The better than average folks are in it for more than a paycheck. They do more than simply show up. Todd states that they clearly understand the expectations then exceed those expectations. They ask questions to ensure clarity of expectations without assumptions. 

They make small miracles happen. They become the hero and save the day. Eg. They are early on the deadline. They get the sale.  They finish the task that everyone else is avoiding. They make a difference!

And they work where they are needed, not where they deserve. They work on something that needs to get done, the unfavourable task no one wants to tackle.

The better than average movement is a movement to help people stand out from the crowd advance in their business or career. It doesn’t need to be grand to be better than average. How are you already showing up better than average?

Todd and I had a great conversation about leadership.  Todd's research identified leadership qualities and habits. 

The habits of better than average leaders:

1) They embrace the off season and downtime.

2) They make the choice to take responsibility

3) They lead by example and talk the walk

4) They practice transformational leadership and empower positive change

5) They effectively recognize others and their accomplishments. They promote employee engagement and recognize staff the way they want to be recognized

Todd sets time aside every Friday to consciously thank the people he needs to thank. I love this strategy and have been doing this for a number of years. Every week I write an endorsement for someone on Linked In, or review their book and post on Amazon, and I send 3 thank you cards each week. 

Leadership is not about title or the initials after your name. It is about the actions or inactions you take, and how you take and model responsibility.

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Until next week, wishing you a great week! In fact, as Todd would say, a better than average week!

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