Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4 Easy Ways to Make Sure You Never Forget An Important File Again

I am delighted to have my guest blog post by my friend and fellow author, Gail Martin.  This blog offers great tips for business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs!

4 Easy Ways to Make Sure You Never Forget An Important File Again

By Gail Martin

When you’re on the go, it’s difficult to bring all your files with you. Carrying a laptop can be difficult when traveling through airports, and taking your computer with you puts you at risk for theft and damage. Printouts are cumbersome, offer data security risks, and provide only a static snapshot.

To address these problems, Cloud computing programs make it possible for users to access their computers remotely and store files in secure storage sites that can be accessed on the go. For users who rely on instant, mobile access to stored data but don’t want to lug their laptops everywhere they go, these programs offer portability, security and easy access.

The cloud is one way of having less technology stress.

GoToMyPC enables subscribers to securely access their computer back at the office while they’re on the road. If you’ve ever had an “oops” moment of panic as you realized that you left the folder or the flash drive you needed for your out-of-office presentation back on your desk, you can appreciate the appeal.

GoToMyPC is compatible with both Microsoft and Apple computers, and can also be accessed from an iPad. The service offers access to files, email, applications and network resources via a secure, encrypted connection.

Other virtual access programs include, and

You’ll need to weigh the convenience of remote access against the possibility, however slim, that even the most secure data connections can (at least theoretically), be compromised. If you travel frequently and have ever had a deal compromised by a missing file, the benefits may be well worth the risk to you. This is especially true for one-person companies who lack the home office staff to email or overnight a forgotten document.

If you’re in a business where a security breech would be catastrophic, it’s probably worth the price to confer with your Information Technology consultant to explore options. While the remote access programs themselves may be secure, there are inherent security risks to using public access computers, such as those in hotels, libraries and office supply stores. Only you can decide whether the risks outweigh the convenience. If you’re not sure how to assess the risks, talk to your IT consultant.

Excerpted from 30 Days to Virtual Productivity Success by Gail Martin. Order this book on 9/26 and get great bonus items.


  1. Thank you Gail for Some new options.
    i Also love Dropbox and can access it frommy phone if i need to. the wonders of the world sure make life easier sometimes.

  2. Technology available these days is incredible. I have the ability to work from home thanks to GoToMyPC. Many people don't know this is even an option! Great informative post.


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