Monday, July 2, 2012

Sometimes Less Whoo Whoo is Better!

One of the aspects of living at the lake that I most appreciate is watching the birds in the morning while we sip our coffee on the deck. We are surrounded by a symphony of bird calls....shore birds, water birds, tree birds and some that seem to be all three.

The call of the loon is such a beautiful way to start the day. My husband Christopher has mastered imitating the Loon’s call, and often calls to them, receiving a response seconds later.

The other morning Chris decided to add a little extra “whooo whooo” on the end of the call, no response. He repeated his fancy loon call a number of times but none of the loons responded.

The lesson? Sometimes the less extra “whoo whoo” the better.

How can we apply this lesson to our team? Business? Services? Maybe there are areas of business, communication and team relations where there is too much “whoo whoo."  Is there an opportunity to cut through the "whoo whoo" to achieve more clarity in conversation?

I bet now you will never think of a loon's call the same way.... remember.... sometimes the less added "whoo whoo" in our conversations, the better and more immediate response we get.

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