Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How Are You Spending YOUR DASH?

I love this book by Linda Ellis - The Dash!

I have used this book and video in many corporate training programs related to resilience, work life balance, and making a difference by creating your legacy.  The "dash" is based on a poem by Linda Ellis and the "dash" is basically the time between our birth and when we leave the planet... most importantly, what we do in between. This book offers bbeautiful reminders about life such as respect, slowing down, change, appreciation, the power of a smile, and making a difference.

In The Dash, Ellis reminds us that life is short, and unpredictable, and that how we spend out time on this earth does matter. The book is laced with powerful and inspiring quotes, short stories and messages, and The Dash poem. I have referred to this book numerous times in my presentations about resilience and stress management, the book and The Dash Poem are always received positively. This book invites the reader to take stock in their life, reflect on what really matters and how to make a difference and create a personal legacy.

How are you spending Your Dash?

What legacy are you creating?

What matters most?