Sunday, July 1, 2012

Writing.... a part of business and marketing.

Writing really is a big part of business and leadership. Whether you are writing sales reports, performance evaluations, proposals, marketing materials, policy manuals, developing contracts... writing is an important skill.  As an author I enjoy reading books on the art and science of writing.  Recently I read a book by Tom Bird, below you will find a brief book review.

What are you reading these days?

Book Review: The Call of the Writer’s Craft by Tom Bird
This book, by Tom Bird, offers writers (and new, aspiring and seasoned authors) tools, techniques and lessons about the writing process, publishing, and marketing aspects of being an author. I particularly enjoyed the examples that Tom provided in the book, including sample letters, publishing checklists. The book is full of "Writer's Reflections" and quotes which I found intriguing and a pleasant distraction from the more technical information. Tom's ability to consider the writing world from several perspectives was valuable, and provided the reader the information needed to make their publishing decisions. A great read for authors, and even those who have written books before there is great information to guide you in your book business.

Tom explores the various publishing options, and provides an overview of the strengths and challenges with each. There is more information in this book about the writing process than the marketing and selling tasks for a writer so authors will still need to explore the options and creative strategies available to them around marketing and selling their book.

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Some great tips I have learned from experts in the business of writing are to:
- do a brain dump- dump all your ideas, thoughts, and points you wish to make in your report, proposal, etc. on paper first
- then dissect the brain dump, keep what works, toss what doesn't
- draft your rough notes
- for those of you who find you speak your message better than writing it, use the Dragonspeak software, and...there is a free Dragon app on your iPhone!

Happy writing!