Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Move With Purpose... another way to Bounce Forward and Be Resilient!

Tara Marie Segundo said... Move with Purpose!

Even if it is tough to carve out chunks of time to hit the gym, Tara Marie Segundo offered some great tips about how to build more activity into your day by moving with purpose.  Workplace wellness and health is critical for a business or team success.  

Take the stairs, sprint for the bus, basically we have 168 hours per week.  If you exercise 4 hours that still leaves 164 hours.  If you sleep for 8 hours per day that is 56 hours so that leaves 108 hours in the week to be active.  Stand while you are on the phone. Keep your water away from your desk so you have to get up every 20 minutes for a drink.

Tara Marie, a fitness and health expert,  has enjoyed learning how our bodies work, and how much control we actually have over our health and how we age. She said that building purposeful movement into a workday can change an office environment.  You get energy from giving it. Smart companies get the importance of health in the workplace. They know that healthy employees are engaged, productive, happier and more likely to stay and perform well.  Healthy employees use less sick days and have less chance of chronic health issues. 

Listen to Tara Marie's tips about building health and wellness in the workplace here:

Some of my corporate clients have created great strategies to build resilience, boost workplace wellness and focus on health:

- lunchtime walking clubs
- health food choices in vending machines
- monthly health talks with community health experts
- corporate health challenges
- free gym memberships for employees
- treadmill in the lunchroom
- pedometer challenges
- ride your bike to work day

What are you doing to improve wellness ad health in the workplace, I would love to hear your ideas and strategies. 


  1. Hey Charmaine! I LOVED doing the show with you and appreciate your commitment to keeping people with busy lives happy and healthy! Remember, MOVEMENT boosts METABOLIC RATE and we can literally speed our metabolism with movement--so get moving and keep moving!! Tara Marie

  2. Hi Charmaine,
    I love this post. It is so easy to hunker down in our chairs and stay there for the day. I love to leave things upstairs on purpose when I am working so I have to go up and get them as my office is on the lower level.

  3. Thanks Tara Marie, can't wait to work together again! Shelley, thanks for the great tip!



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