Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two Words That Impact Everything!

The words I AM impact everything. Your “I AMs” impact your thinking. Your thoughts impact your speech- how you speak and what you say, the words you choose. Your speech impacts how your message is received, how you are compelled to step in to action, and of course your results.

In your next conversation, pay attention to the I AMs that you say before the dialogue. For example, in a presentation I was leading, one participant talked about a conversation she was dreading, in fact she was hoping a migraine headache would come on to get her out of the conversation. She chose words like “Oh, I am dreading this phone call!”, “I AM so nervous- The last time I had to address conflict I bombed.”, “I am not ready for this.” Imagine how her I AMs will impact the words she says, and the manner in which the words come out. After applying the strategies I was modeling in this presentation, she said “I am looking forward to the conversation- it is a chance to put this issue to rest. I Am prepared and skilled. I am looking forward to sharing my perspective with her.” Now imagine the impact of the reframed I AMs.
When your I AMs are not helpful, you can toss them out and reframe and replace them with more affirming
and useful I AMS.  Your I AMs impact your results!  Choose them wiesely.

As you prepare for your next conversation, pay attention to the I AMs that are in your mind…they affect everything, including your results.