Thursday, June 21, 2012

How can you expand your business and make more money…TODAY?

How can you expand your business and make more money…TODAY?
That was the question of the day .....what can you do right now, today.

One word to describe a one hour tele call with Patricia Drain…. WOW!

Patricia talked about a lot in a short time, but everything she said had incredible value to how business women can take their business to the next level.  What would you say the number ONE myth about women business owners is?  Patricia said that that my is that “we are not really as powerful as we think we are”.  The truth, according to Patricia is that we are powerful enough and when we recognize our potential and value, we can think bigger. 
Patricia Drain- Business Coach and Strategist, MSI (Multiple Streams of Income) Expert
Professional Speaker and Author.  And, the createor of the new global association for women
entrepreneurs....The International Women' Business Owners (IWBO). 
Are you thinking big enough about your business asked Patricia.  What a great question, and for some, it might cause a little bit of discomfort. Thinking big, I mean realllllllly big can be uncomfortable but, it is necessary to grow our business, and take it to new levels.  Recognizing you power and potential is important.  How about this to start your day?  Ask yourself Patricia’s living question:

Am I thinking big enough about __________ (my product, my clients, my offer, my prices/fees)?

I was on the end of my chair waiting to hear Patricia’s number one way to expand your business, she shared how she doubled, then tripled her revenue.  Market Consistently! By marketing consistently, weekly or daily, you will increase your business, build your list and expand your business relationships.  There are many ways you can market consistently, Patricia started by doing an e-zine, the added weekly Thursday tips of the weeks (with an offer), using videos, and staying in front of her clients and list. In fact, Patricia suggested that we are all probably closer to the sale, money and customer then we think.  Marketing consistently will take us further faster. One of the mistakes business owners often make is marketing only when they are slow or need more business.  This creates inconsistently and makes it tough to meet business and client demands, a consistent approach works best. 

Some other fabulous tips to boost your business are to:
#1 Know your numbers (know how many calls it takes to turn a prospect into a customer, your conversion rate, etc.).  I call Fridays my Vital Statistics Day- this is the day we look at our business numbers.
#2  Consider raising your fees
#3  Feel the fear and sell anyways.  Remember, it is not about you…. It is about them (your client, your customer, your subscribers, etc.)

Patricia created an organization called the International Women Business Owners (visit   to learn more, there is a link on that page to join IWBO about ¾ of the page down.  So appreciate Patricia’s generosity… she offered listeners the opportunity to register for IWBO through the above link for only $297.  What a small price for such great return. This group is for you if:
Patricia suggested that now is the time to get super clear on being able to describe your business…. In only FIVE words.  What five words would you use?  I’d love to you to post them on facebook or email me at  That way I can help promote you!
So for homework…. Yes… stepping into action….
1)     Know your numbers
2)    5 words to describe your business
3)    Review your fees and prices, can you raise them?
4)    What is your marketing plan? What will you do to market consistently?
5)    How will you increase your list?
6)    Are you thinking BIG enough?

  • You want more tools to grow your business
  • You want to be around Big Thinking business owners
  • You want to hear from experts who have built successful businesses
  • You want to build your list with other business owners with whom you can identify
  • You want to connect on a personal level with women all over the world


  1. To add to this blog....Knowing your numbers is essential in business. I call Fridays my Vital Statistics Day. That is the day that I check my planner (how many speaking engagements coming up, media events, etc.), I look at our book sales on Amazon, check in on our web and blog stats... This process keeps you on top of the business.

  2. Thank you for this post! I work with many women who cannot see how powerful and resourceful they actually. We are more powerful than we think. The magic happens when how we view ourselves aligns with how much bigger we are thinking amazing things start to occur. We have so much more than we give ourselves credit for and with consistency in our actions our businesses can skyrocket!!!


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