Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your Book and Social Media with Ron Noble

One of the aspects I love about having three radio shows that I host, is, that I get to interview great guests with different business and team models.  Recently on my Your Book As a Business Radio Show ( http://www.blogtalkradio.com/your-book-as-a-business)   I interviewed Ron Noble, author, illustrator, animator and Emmy Award winner! 

Ron Noble- author, illustrator and Emmy Award Winner!
Director of the RugRats and many other TV and feature films
A great outlook on creating conversation and building relationships in business
Ron has been creating cartoons since he could hold a crayon. He started out making comic strips to get laughs, but soon discovered animating his twisted cartoons got bigger laughs. He has since won an Emmy® Award for directing Rugrats and has directed many other Nickelodeon animated TV shows, as well as creating his own award-winning animated shorts and animated sequences on feature films.

Ron has illustrated a bunch of picture books including “I Have a Restaurant” (also a Kendahl House Press book). “Letter Beasties” is his first book as author & illustrator (see links below).

Social media has been a very positive force for Ron in building his author platform, and developing relationships.  Active on Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and You Tube, Ron is finding that the time spent (Strategic time) on social media has proven to be most useful, and results in sales.

Think about how you can use social media in your business to a) promote your products or services, b) educate the public about your business values and causes that you support,  c) share your company successes with the public, d) find out the needs of your customers, and e) engage them in conversation.  Social media allows champions to develop, for example when someone loves Ron's book, and they post a review or comment on Facebook, that is available to the world's eyes. His happy readers become champions for him and his books. The same applies for you in your business. 

If you are not using using social media in your business, I would encourage you to get on Linked In, Twitter, You Tube (great place to have happy customers, clients, readers post a video testimonial) and then with consistency, review the results after 60 days.



Learn more about Ron and the Letter Beasties at: http://www.letterbeasties.com/