Monday, June 4, 2012

Books I Love...Conversations with My Dog by Zig Ziglar

This book was provided to me by Zig Ziglar's daughter Julie after I had met her at a conference where she was speaking alongside her father Zig. What an honour to hear Zig speak... his quotes and inspirational messages have motivated me for a long time.  Having this book signed by Zig made the incredible book that much more special. Zig Ziglar is one of the most inspirational speakers and authors that I know, and I highly respect his work, approach and integrity.

Conversations with My Dog is a beautiful book whereby Zig shares powerful and heartfelt life lessons through the conversation he has with his dog, his trusted friend who loves him unconditionally and listens attentively to Zig. In this book, Zig shares the many roles that our dogs play in our life such as trusted confident, play mate, comforter, foot warmer, and more.  The more I read... the more I could relate to with our dog Toby.  A light and heartwarming read.