Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Author Tips That Can Help Other Businesses

Recently I interviewed bestselling author, and marketer extraordinaire, Randy Peyser on my Your Book As a Business Show. While the theme of the show was on selling and marketing your book, many of the tips apply to any business, whether selling a product or service.  Here are a few of the many golden nuggets Randy offered:
  •        Speak to a trend in media. For authors, speak to a trend that you can tie into your book. The same applies to other types of businesses, create media opportunities and press releases by connecting your book, product or service to a current trend.
  •        Proposals to Literary Agents and Publishers- you must have a hook and grab their attention right away.  Publishers get thousands of manuscripts and pitches each year and Literacy Agents receive upwards of !500 a month as well.  So you must have a strong hook and grab their attention right away. The same applies in marketing your product or service. You have such a limited time with the consumer, you have to have a hook that attracts their attention and keeps them with you.
  •        You must stand out, and stand above the others in your genre, just as businesses have to stand out above their competitors.  Think creatively about how you can stand out. And, be remembered!
  •        Why do some books sell thousands or even millions?  They find the hook and create the buzz. And have a catchy title. Any business can benefit by creating the buzz. Get people talking about your book, your product or service?
  •        Know the trends in the industry. For example, Randy mentioned that with books, the titles are shrinking.  Pick a title that is catchy, remembered and shorter. The same applies when choosing marketing campaigns for other businesses.
  •        Publishers and Literary Agents want to see the author has a solid Platform with real/solid numbers. Regardless of the business you are in, know your numbers. How many clients you serve a year. How many books sold. The size of your reach.
  •        Social media is critical to book selling success. And of course for other businesses. Social media helps you stay in contact with your audience, create buzz, solve problems and be part of the national discussion and trend discussions.

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