Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Just Don’t Get You!

Understanding people can be the most difficult aspect of working on teams! As a team building facilitator, speaker and trainer, I have worked with thousands of people in hundreds of teams, in five countries, and one thing I am told over and over is that the people aspect of business can be very stressful.

Beverly Flaxington- guest on Conversations with Charmaine Radio Show.
Best Selling Author and business consultant
Beverly Flaxington and I had a great conversation on my Conversations with Charmaine radio show ( about this very topic. Beverly is a highly sought after national speaker, a sales and marketing expert, college professor and author of several bestselling books.

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One of the challenges in teams is what Beverly described as “getting stuck in the should.” (You should have done this. You shouldn’t have said that.). The word “Should” assigns a feeling of blame to self or others, and can create challenges in conversation. Bev also stressed the need to bring back the “human factor” into the workplace, not just to improve relationships and communication, but also to create a culture where it is safe to ask for help and where team members can build upon their strengths.

Some tips Beverly offered during her interview to build teams, include:

  • Be clear about your goals. Set priorities and clarity around the vision. The team must know where they are headed and what is most important.
  • Have some balance- be involved, caring and accessible and let people do their jobs. Strike a balance in these areas.
  • Recognition is important. Often team members only hear about the shortcomings, instead, make sure that you are passing along sincere positive feedback and recognizing the efforts of others.
  • If you find yourself wishing things would change, become part of the solution, instead being part of the problem.
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