Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Start Something That Matters

This book was a fabulous read! Full or valuable content and rich with ideas. Mycoskie talks about the fact that everyone needs supporters and champions, and he was not referring to your clients as being the supporters. Of course that is great and necessary, but he means taking this to a whole new level.
Conscious capitalism as defined by Mycoskie is about making money AND creating a successful business that connects the supporters and champions to something that really matters.
 Mycoskie also talks about the importance of storytelling, reminding us that it is an important part of business success. The challenge is that you must first find your story. Then, you have to find a way to articulate and share the story with passion. Once you determine your story and being a project, you need to commit to telling that story  to everyone, wherever you go!  In the book, he gives the example of his company, Tom’s Shoes. Their story is “We make great shoes and give away a pair to a child in need, for every pair we sell.”
That story is compelling, short, easily remembered, and very easy to get behind and support!
McCoskie describes a 70 day tour they did across the country in a trailer to host events at Nordstroms. They created a film and another project from this tour. They actively used the ideas from their supporters and champions rather than the company doing all the brainstorming. Students came up with an idea to do a Day Without Shoes Event.  Two years later, this turned into a movement- 250,000 people around the world went a day without shoes, this is now an annual event.

Tips to spread your story:
  •        List every group to which you have a connection, and who could help share the story and spread the word for you.
  •        Social network (yes you must get on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, You Tube, etc.) your alumni, sports teams, yoga class, church (everywhere you hang out)
  •        Tell your story everywhere, to everyone. Let your passion show. This helps you refine the story, and inspires others to share it for you.
  •        Find partners- explore ways to partner and merge stories. For example, AT&T and Ralph Lauren partnered with Toms’ Shoes
  •        Manage Your Online Story Line – ensure your online persona is really WHO you are
  •        Find the influencers who love your story
  •        Face your fears- everyone has them, but this is the thing that no one talks about (but is always there)
  •        Make what you have count!
  •        Keep It Simple (always have a notebook or your cell phone to record your ideas, comments from others, etc))
  •        Build Trust – talk openly (compliment publically and criticize privately
  •        Remember, that giving is GOOD business

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