Sunday, March 6, 2011

“Make What Matters REALLY Matter”

My motto for 2011 is Make Your Moments Matter!
I am on a personal and professional mission to make the moments in my life matter. How we show up in life really does matter, in every type of moment.
How leaders show up at work really matters! After working with hundreds and hundreds of teams in training, facilitation and team building sessions, I have discovered that there are a number of actions employees are watching and waiting for, in terms of how leaders show up, those being:
• Do you say what you mean and mean what you say?
• Do you keep your commitments, and follow up?
• How you spend your time at work.
• How available and approachable you are.
• How you hold yourself and others accountable.
• The examples that you set.
• What you ‘notice’ in the workplace, and how you deal with it.
• What you expect from others, the team, and how you reinforce expectations.
• How you define success. And, how you measure performance and success (as well as difficulties).
• How you lead (and cope) in times of change, difficulty and adversity.
• What you are proud of and how you talk about it with others.
• What are your priorities?
• How you foster morale.
• How you recognize accomplishments and the ideas of others.
• How you deal with conflict and disagreement (and team members who are in conflict).
• And these are just a few.

Sometimes as a leader it may feel as if you are under a microscope or in a fishbowl, your team is watching you. How you show up and how you spend the moments can be an incredible learning experience for your team. Here are two questions to think about. How is it that you want to show up? How can you make leadership moments matter?
These two questions can be pretty powerful, a reality check for ourselves. Wishing you the best in making all the moments matter, and to showing up as the best version of you!

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