Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How one action can bring about 365 learnings

Recently I read about a transformational leader who has made it his mission to read and learn something new every day. For someone who quite likes change, and learning, I was intrigued by this concept. If we were to read and learn one new thing a day, that equates to 365 new discoveries and learnings in a year.

So with my 2011 mission to Make Moments Matter, I figured I could build in this strategy of reading something new learning something new each day.

Today I enjoyed reading a Coffee Talk News while sipping on a cappuccino. It was chalk full of interesting trivia and some great quotes. As for my new learning, I am off to the gym to try out a new exercise machine they have at the gym. While my life may not be transformed from the one action and one learning I do today,

I imagine in one year, I will have learned a great deal more, and challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone to learn something new.
Wishing you well on your 365 day learning program. I’d love to hear about what you are learning and the new actions you are taking.

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