Monday, June 21, 2010

Making a decision can heighten effectiveness

I really enjoy the lessons of Doc Childre, who said "When you make an efficient choice in moments of indecision, you establish more effectiveness within a given time span, saving energy and stress. That's a time shift."
You’ve been there, I’ve been there - we’ve all faced those situations where we delay or avoid the decision that needs to be made. In doing so, we increase stress, expend more energy than is necessary, and often create a more complex challenge. Fear, and not knowing what to do, is often at the root of indecision. As Doc Childre indicates, when we make the decision, we reduce our stress and increase our efficiency.
Here are three questions to ask when faced with indecision:
• Will this matter next week?
• What is holding me back (what do I fear, where do my worries lay?)?
• What five options are available to resolve this issue?
• Bonus tip- who can I ASK for help? And how am I benefitting from delaying the decision?

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