Thursday, June 17, 2010

Purposeful and Intentional Living and working

The alarm goes off, another day begins. You go to work, you finish work. Stop to do errands on the way home. Maybe hit the gym. Enjoy some time with friends or family. Catch up on emails, and watch your favourite TV program. Get ready for bed. Hit the sack. Then start all over again. Sound familiar?
Sometimes we get stuck in our routine or the wave of life without being overly intentional and purposeful. Sometimes the best way to manage a routine is to shake up the routine. Often in doing so, the outcomes are more than we had hoped for.
Here are a few questions to encourage your thinking about putting more intention and purpose into your routines, and life in general:
- What puts a smile on your face or makes you happy?
- What is easy to do?
- What sparks your innovation?
- What would you do for free if you could?
- What do you enjoy talking about
- What stops you from being fearful?
- What would you regret not doing if you didn’t do it?

The next challenge is to act on at least three of your answers – Enjoy!

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