Saturday, September 28, 2013

Selling books and products in bulk- to non traditional retailers

Brian Judd is an author, book-marketing expert,  TV host, and, President of Premium Book Company that sells books to non-bookstore buyers on a non-returnable commission only basis.  Brian is also the Executive Director of SPAN, which is the Successful Publishers Association of North America. 

His book How to Make Real Money Selling Books (without worrying about returns) is an ultimate do it yourself guide to selling books to non-bookstore buyers and selling in bulk with no returns. 

I interviewed Brian on my radio show Your Book as a Business, and he provided some great tips for book sales for authors. Brian talked about a few of the many ways that corporations buy author’s books in bulk. One such way is for employee recognition or to go with awards, to give to their members or staff, as a customer recognition or sign up bonus, or to compliment employee training and development.  There are many other organizations that also buy books in bulk, such as homeschooling associations, Military, schools associated with the Military, government, book clubs and professional associations.

Many authors think the wider and bigger the market for their book the better, however, Brian urges authors to consider that the tighter and smaller the market, the better.  It is easier to build relationships, zero in on a marketing strategy and find the niche when your market is smaller. Think about yourself and your book as a problem solver. When you can determine what problem you solve, it is easier to market and generate multiple book sales. 

Brian gave examples of dog food companies who gave authors books away (after purchasing in bulk) as a coupon or with a bag of dog food.  The formula to remember is:

Attention, Interest, Desire then Action;

What corporations, associations or groups might have an interest in your book (or their clients or staff may have interest because you solve their problem)?  How can you attract their attention?How can you apply this approach to your business?

You can listen to Brian Judd’s interview with me here:

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