Monday, August 19, 2013

Money, Money, Money! An important conversation in Business

Money can be one of the most uncomfortable conversations in business, and even personal relationships. As a corporate mediator for many years, I saw the discomfort that many people faced when the topic of money was on the table. Being successful in business requires many skills, one of those being the ability to manage money, another is the ability to talk about money, and the third is to have a relationship with money that will support a healthy business. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Karin Mizgala and Sheila Walkington of Money Coaches Canada on my Radio Show .  They provided some wonderful tips for businesses and entrepreneurs to deal with money in a different way. Their tips help you move from stuck to unstuck, and include:

1) Knowing what you want. Have a clear plan, a vision, goals, and a focus on your top three goals. These will simplify your life and help you manage the finances more effectively.
2)  Know the numbers. You must know your financial reality to be able to find new solutions and make the best decisions for your company.
3) Delegate don't abdicate responsibility. Keep on top of your finances, and learn what you need to learn to understand them. Be open to changing your habits, and your beliefs, about money.
4) Create a plan and systems.  Set up a system to easily and consistently track your day to day expenses, and know how much you need to earn and save to reach your financial goals. 
5)  Just DO IT!  Create an action plan and start today.  

What habits and beliefs can you change to get on top of your finances quickly (and with more ease)?

What immediate action can you take today to know your numbers and create your action plan that supports your goals?

You can listen to more of the Money Coaches Canada tips at:

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