Thursday, February 28, 2013

Debt Solutions for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

What keeps you up at night as a business owner, leader or entrepreneur?
How do you balance marriage, family and business?
What causes you the most stress?
What is the root of friction in your business?

These were great questions posed by Emily.  The debt crusher, Emily Chase Smith,joined us on my Conversations With Charmaine Radio Show to share her tips on how businesses can get back in the financial game, stay in it and create long term winning solutions. You can listen to her tips for entrepreneurs and leaders here:

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Here are a few tips for businesses to solve their financial challenges and setbacks:
1) Determine an exit strategy for your business.
2) Surround yourself with a team of experts that can properly advise you, as information is critical to business success
3) Know your numbers, be up to date on your finances and don't avoid or delay dealing with financial stressors and debt- keep a finger on the financial pulse of your business
4) Ensure you focus on your core business
5) As soon as fiances keep you up at night, or create problems in your family relationships, it is time to seek help.

Emily Chase Smith is an attorney focused on debt solutions for entrepreneurs. She helps entrepreneurs identify and execute strategic financial moves to bridge temporary business setbacks and help them get back into the game. Emily is an entrepreneur herself and lives with her husband and 3 children in Southern California. Emily blogs and podcasts here


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