Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Books are the Thread in This Business

Books are the thread in Vickie Mullins business. In fact everything she does is somehow connected to books. She is the President of Mullins Creative and builds professionally designed books. As a professional speaker, she travels around the world and is a first class resource to creating an international legacy. This is all based on her 8 book series. She works with entrepreneurs, authors and businesses that are serious about their book success.

Vickie stated that the mistakes that authors are making include:

  •        Expect that someone else will do all the work. Be prepared to be actively involved in the business of your book including marketing and selling.

  •        Rushing the project, writing or end result.
  •        Not having a quality product
  •        Not specifically identifying the target audience
I talked about the fact we approached our book as a business from the onset. I had a team which included a publicist, media coach, editor, professional reader, publishing lawyer, sponsorship expert, to name a few. It was my goal to have a great book that gets in the hands of readers around the world in many formats.
When asked what is critical for book and business success, Vickie stated that a high quality book is key. Field testing is really important to ensure the book is applicable to the target audience.   

Getting sponsorship (special market sales campaigns) is a great way for authors and entrepreneurs to get their book, information product out to the world. But, you must know that your target audience must match that of the sponsors. You essentially become a marketing tool for that corporation so when you can get super specific you are on your way to a yes. Look at how you can advance their efforts. You must be able to know their problem and pain and solve it!

You can listen to more of what Vickie had to say here:

What is your business or book target audience?
What is their pain or problem?
How do you solve it?
Who would be a perfect company to explore partnerships and collaborations?
How could your product or book advance their efforts and marketing?

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