Thursday, May 31, 2012

Does Size REALLY Matter?

Is sure does! Well at least as it relates to the size of your data bases, list of contacts, your followers and platform and how big you plan.
Today I had a great interview with Randy Peyser ( who is an author, and also provides “book appendectomies” to get the book inside you, out.
Randy offered a wealth of information in her interview. For authors, it is critical that they build a platform and create buzz about their book. The same applies in pretty much any business. You need a platform, and identity and some buzz about the product or service you provide.
Randy shared her “secret sauce” for authors. She emailed her list of about 2800 and asked if her contacts would be willing to send out a predesigned short copy of the book announcement to their lists. From this, nearly one million contacts were emailing out for Randy.  You see, size does matter! Randy gives the details on her interview (see below).
So what can you do today to size things up?
  •        Go on and friend a few more contacts on twitter, Re-tweet some postings (perhaps they will follow you back)
  •        Comment on some blogs
  •        Report a great example of customer service on social media
  •        Follow up with past customers and clients
  •        Invite people to join your newsletter list
  •        Have a contest
  •        Keep closer track of your numbers…in every aspect of your business

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