Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seeking Stability

What do you do when your organization experiences a lot of change, growth and restructuring? It can be so hard to build trust in an ever changing and seemingly unstable environment. Change can be difficult, and team members don't all deal or cope with change in the same way. One surefire way to build trust is to communicate effectively, clearly, frequently and then repeat this process (again and again). Communication can build trust, minimize rumors, and enhance relationships. Another trust building action is to follow up, mean what you say and say what you mean. Let people know what is NOT changing, that is, what is staying the same. Too often we focus on what is changing, what will be different, and by stating what is not changing, you will provide reassurance and stability.
Communication is a very important component to building stability in the workplace. But, just like any other form of interaction, it can also increase the instability if not practiced properly. We have to be careful what we speak and how we speak. Essentially, we have to look at communication as an art, the art of speaking. Be sure to write down key points of what you would like to communicate to your team and rehearse it. I always suggest rehearsing in front of a mirror. This gives you the opportunity to not only hear how you are delivering the message but also to see how you are delivering your message.
Remember, in any difficult situation, communication is always the key to building trust, stability and a more positive work environment.

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