Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review and Learn...kickstart your business and team success in 2014

 Strategic planning....Business Goals....Succession Planning....Team Building.... Sales....

What did we accomplish?
What experiences did we create for customers?
How did we navigate around change and challenge?
Why do our customers do business with us?
What was the most significant learning of 2013?

These are great questions to explore as you wind down one year and kickstart the next one.

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One of the best processes I know, and use in the team building, team planning and workshops I deliver to our clients is The Review and Learn Process.  Four simple questions that produce answers and solutions to help your business and team.

1)  What went well?
2)  What was a challenge?
3)  What did we learn?
4) What will we do differently next time?

These questions can guide your team to build on what works well, and learn from what was a challenge.

These questions can help you evaluate projects, implementation phases, changes processes and the many beginnings and endings that happen in business.

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As you wind down and celebrate your 2013 successes, what will you bring with you in 2014 to make this your best year yet?

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