Monday, November 4, 2013

Life is like a box of chocolates... or a cup of coffee...

My mom has a knack for finding the most inspirational short videos and stories and sending them to me at the exact moment I need them (sometimes I don't know ...but she always does).

Our dogs Toby and Toby Jr (TJ) have taught me a lot about myself, life, business, and living a life that is full... of all the right things.... and putting your best foot forward.

Our mission at Team Toby is to improve lives by teaching kindness, acceptance and respect.  Whether it be in the boardroom, classroom, school yard or conference centre, my message as a professional speaker always stems from this foundation.... kindness, acceptance and respect.

Animals are so non-judgmental. In the workplace when people can show up and be present in this way (accepting and non judgmental) the workplace culture shifts, in the right direction. Relationships and trust improve. Forgiveness happens. And the team can reach a new level of synergy.

My dogs have also taught me about simplicity.  One of my keynote presentations starts with "life is full of moments. Moments that define you. Moments that challenge you. Moments that stretch you. Moments that help you grow."  and ends with "How will spend your moments?"

Our Toby Jr (TJ) enjoying a moment in the park in Edmonton.

This beautiful short video sums up the importance of making your moments matter, enjoying life as you are experiencing it, and, the power of kindness.

A special shout out to my mom for somehow always just knowing the right thing to send at the right time.  Enjoy.

 As you move forward in your week, remember to ask yourself these questions:

1) How am I showing up in this moment?
2) Who am I being in this moment?
3) How will I spend my moments?

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