Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Rituals- kickstart 2013

What are your new year rituals?  

Do you set resolutions?  Do you call them something different?

 I enjoy hearing how other people kickstart their new year and celebrate the one coming to a close. 

Recently I read a newsletter by an author and transformational speaker I greatly respect, Marci Shimoff.  She has a new year ritual that was most intriguing. Whether done alone or with your partner, best friend, a mastermind group or a circle of closest friends, Marci's ritual sounds to be quite powerful. The first step is to share aloud the things from the year that you want to let go of (that could be habits, fears, challenges, incidents, etc.). The next step that Marci outlined was to then share aloud what you are grateful for from the past year. This could be accomplishments and successes, your own personal growth, and people. Then say aloud everything that you would like to bring into and welcome with this new year. Your goals. Your visions. Your plans, habits, and actions that you want to allow. 

What do you need to let go of in 2013?
What do you need to welcome this year?
What are your next steps?

You can listen to an interview I did with Marci here:

She offers fantastic tips about happiness, how to let go and about forgiveness.

Every step taken towards your goal, an action a day, is 365 steps towards what you want to achieve.  Each step matters.

Wishing you a great year !


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