Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Referral Marketing- Expeditite your business success

Tim Green stated that 98% of business comes from referrals, however most businesses use the "good luck" and "wait and see approach", neither of these improve your business.

Tim Green

An expert in referral marketing and effective networking, Tim Green was my guest on the Conversations with Charmaine radio show. He talked about some of the other mistakes leaders, businesses and entrepreneurs make when it comes to referral marketing.

Mistake #1: Not giving great customer service or only doing so on a short term basis
Mistake #2: Not following up
Mistake #3: Networking disconnect (not being visible)
Mistake #4: Sitting and networking with people you already know

Tim provided some great tips to avoid making these mistakes at the next networking event you attend.

Tip #1: You are not allowed to sell.  When you meet someone at the networking meeting, share briefly what you do, then, turn the conversation to the other person.  Some helpful questions include "what do you do for a living?" or "tell me about your business" followed by "how long have you been doing this" or "how long have you been in this business?" then "what is one product/service you love to offer and why?"  the "can you think of an ideal client you would like to meet?" These questions create connections, build relationships, and, help you be helpful and in service to that other person.  Chances are you know someone they need to meet. And, if that person is at the networking meeting, introduce them.  If you are connecting people by phone or email following the event, do so immediately.  It is highly likely that the person you have just helped will share their influence with you and connect you with someone you need to know, or refer you to others.

Tip #2: V, T, B.  Be Visible. Build Trust. Make the wins beneficial for both sides.

You can listen to the rest of the interview here, including all Tim's helpful referral marketing and networking tips that work:

In short, when you attend your next networking event:
1) Be present and be visible.  Don't sit or spend the whole event with people you already know, use this time to be of service to others and build your connections.
2) Follow up immediately. Keep promises and stay connected.
3) Share your influence and contacts by powerfully introducing people to the contacts you know.

Wishing you great networking success in 2013.

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