Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fun in Business? Managing Change at Work.

Have fun at the doing zone! 
 Today's guest blog post is from Jill Douka
Over the past decades, while working in the field of personal development, I had the opportunity to observe the same, repeating behaviors at myself and our clients.

As an example, there is a great pattern in the process of change, one of the most important ways for someone to be developed.

You take actions with the aim to make a change, to follow a different path and as soon as you make such actions, you wait…for the results. There is a waiting stage. Just at this stage, it is essential to insist, to wait with patience and faith, to be there and not give up. Even more, if you think about it, during the waiting stage, we learn, develop and become better people.
Before  taking action, we think about the problem and we may discuss it with people we trust. In other words, we knew that there was something that needed to be changed, even if we were only hearing a “gentle” inner voice that confirmed that.

Further, when we get to “the edge”, when we are fed up with things, only then we move towards change. We make this essential step, leaving the past reality, get into the “effort zone” and we pass into the actions area. Within this area our boundaries are pushed and we don’t feel at ease. That is, we are in our “out of comfort zone”, the doing zone.

Imagine that you are about to jump. Not anything fancy, you’ ll just leave the floor. You prepare yourself, you bend your knees and then, you are in the air, there is a second of suspension. During the time you are in the air, there is a mixed feeling. On one hand, there is the pleasure of experiencing a new state, its fascinating and on the other hand, there is the fear of falling down. You may think, what if I fall and get hurt?

Still, the seconds that you are in the air is the moment you are developing, learning, evolving. That is the doing zone and yes it is both uncomfortable and full of benefits at the same time. For example, consider the moment once you are off the ground and once your jump is already finished. All these thoughts (is it the right thing to do?) or the doubts (is there a better alternative?), where are all these when you touch the ground? Nowhere! They disappeared!

Indeed, how often do you rejoice about the learnings you acquired during a process? How often do you reward yourself because of a step you made and brought you closer to change?

The answer is: Rarely. It is in human nature to think: “and then, what? What is the next move?” right there we may see the energy and the beauty of human nature: at the fact that we keep moving forward and looking for the next step once we have achieved our jump! 

 Actually, change fascinates us…

What are you really planning to change? Bear in mind: the ding zone may be uncomfortable, but full of rewards at the same time! Accept the out of comfort zone and enjoy the rewards!

Enjoy the experience of changing!

Be Unique!

Watch Jill's presentation on TED
Jill Douka MBA, ACC is a Life Coach, international workshop leader and author.
She is Greek Canadian and has trained, coached and mentored thousands of individuals in Europe, USA and Asia. She is considered to be one of the most acclaimed coaches in Greece by the press and is one of the first European women invited to speak in a TEDx event in Asia. Vice President of she supports people to successfully cope with change by unlocking their strengths, energy and goals. Some of UDG clients are Kraft, Microsoft, Iiberdrola, Peiraios Bank. Founder of, the global educational platform commited to solutions worth knowing, is looking forward to living in a world where lifelong learning tools towards collective better living, become mainstream and are accessible to all. Ms Douka was chosen as a mentor at the European Business Mentors network and is an active philanthropist.

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