Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who is This Authentic Woman?

Who is This Authentic Woman?
Guest Blog Post: Suzy Manning

Today's post is by guest blogger Suzy Manning.
You hear so much today about showing up as your authentic self. Women are creating businesses, communities, and organizations focusing on women being true to who you are and living from passion and purpose. 

How do you begin to know what authenticity looks like and feels like?

 It will play out different for each of you as you are all unique in your gifts to offer the world. However, I would like to share some foundational pieces that I believe define the authentic woman.

Suzy Manning

I believe authenticity is an energy. It is the very essence of who you are. It comes from your inner core. You feel or sense it. It is being comfortable in your own body. It is you defining who you each are by what resonates from within you whether it is a fashion statement, a career, a relationship, or a business. Some foundational pieces are:

  • Embracing your innate feminine qualities in your leadership style
  • Coming from a place of service with the focus on others
  • Leading in a web empowering others to thrive
  • Wearing no mask as there is nothing to hide
  • Having a vision for a relational consciousness in the world
  • Being a steward of the Universe
  • Putting quality of life ahead of monetary profit
  • Trusting inspiration which is an internal, self-inspired, sustainable expansive energy

Does any of this resonate with what you are being gently pulled to embrace? There is a huge planetary shift occurring guiding you to step up to co-create an inclusive world where people realize that happiness comes from within each of you, not from things outside of you. We are all in this web of life together. The authentic woman models this by being the change.

Suzy Manning
Transitional coach, speaker, & author

Thank you Suzy for a wonderful guest post!

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