Monday, December 17, 2012

Creating Your Extra-Ordinary Business

What are the qualities of an extraordinary business?

Think of the businesses you have dealt with over the years. What sets apart the ordinary business and the extraordinary business?

This was the topic of conversation when I was on Jim Nemley's radio show "Building your Extraordinary Business."  Jim's questions really challenged me to reflect on our business journey over the last sixteen years.

Some of our biggest learnings that contributed to our success over the years included:

1) Champion others
2) Communicate clearly
3) Connect and share your influence
4) Chart out your goals, plans and what success looks like
5) Celebrate successes (small wins and big accomplishments) along the way

As you start to map out your next year business goals, consider how you will go higher on the scale of being an extraordinary business.  Consider:

a) Who can you ask for help, guidance or support?
b) What three things can you start doing, stop doing or do more effectively to take your business to the next level?
c) What were your best learnings in 2012, that can help you kickstart 2013?

You can listen to the conversation through this link:

  Wishing you a great wind down of 2012 and wonderful beginnings for the new year ahead.

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