Monday, December 31, 2012

Business Plans & Goals: The SMARTER Way

Business Planning and Goals: The SMARTER Way

I learned the SMART way of setting goals many years ago (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely).   

For Many years, this was the process I used in facilitating goal setting sessions, business planning and team building with my corporate clients.  Several years ago  I created my own take on SMARTER planning and goal setting, every year I used this to set my goals for the new year:

S- Set the intention: Get clear on your goals; think about what success looks like.
Make a decision to take action and succeed.
 M- Map out the plan. Clearly define action steps, accountability partners and resources needed. Determine some rewards for success.
 A-  Ask for help. Have an accountability partner or team up with someone.
R- Retrain the brain. Keep focused on goals and avoid being distracted by the BSOD’s (bright shiny objects & distractions) that move you away from your goals.
T- Take the step and tell others. When you act, and include others, it creates a sense of synergy, and mutual support. Take three steps every day towards your goals.  In one week, 3 actions becomes 15, and in a month you have accomplished 60 strategic actions.
E- Educate and Evaluate. Make sure you have the information you need to succeed. Evaluate success and progress. Monitor your actions and the results on a regular basis. Modify your action plan as needed.
R- Review and Learn. Review Progress regularly. Be patient and flexible- know sometimes it feels like you are not making progress. Two steps forward and one back, but the good news is you are still moving forward.
(Hammond, 2010)

The Review and Learn Process:

1. What went well
2.  What was a challenge
3.  What did I/we learn
4.  What will I/we do differently next time

These are the very questions I use in strategic planning, and team building processes

The Process
  •   Make a decision on what you want to accomplish (and know WHY)
  •   Write it down
  •   Assign deadlines and schedules
  •   Mind map the actions (every single task)
  •   Create the plan (strategic and operational)
  •   Take success action steps daily 

1) Set SMARTER Goals
2) Complete the review and learn process
3) Create your  Plan

As you wind down 2012 and move into a new year.... what three actions will you take to  create a plan for success for the New Year?

Wishing you all the very best in 2013!

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