Saturday, September 1, 2012

Women Make 80% of the Buying Decisions- are you marketing to them?

PixInk is a design micro-agency that services a macro niche- that niche is marketing to women. Women drive 80% of the purchasing decisions. This is important for all businesses to know, that your marketing will be well served to ensure their branding and marketing is:

- Compelling

- Creates experiences across all forms of marketing including print, digital and mobile media

Ayesha Mathews-Wadhwa was my guest on the Corporate Conversations with Charmaine Radio show, and what a conversation it was! Ayesha’s company PixInk is based in San Francisco but really is a global business, and has served Apple, Facebook, Oracle, Cat Footwear, Riverbed, Camel, Sephora and Picaboo, amongst many others. You can learn more about Ayesha, and PixInk at:

On the interview recording (you can listen here):

You will hear Ayesha share her interesting journey to entrepreneurship, and her impressive background in the corporate world.

Why do so many brands fail to connect with women? Ayesha states there are a number of reasons, one being that too many brands don’t have any insight into what and WHY people buy. Ayesha answers this question… the 20 TRILLION dollar question on the show.

What can companies do immediately to improve their marketing and branding to women? First, Ayesha suggests that companies assume nothing. This mistake of making assumptions that you know what your consumers and customer want is a costly mistake. In fact, it has resulted in misfires and companies spending a lot of money then to return to the drawing board and start again.


- Assume nothing

- Ask your customers and clients what and why they buy

- Test your marketing and branding to ensure it is compelling and that you are creating an experience

You can listen to the conversation with Ayesha here:

On the next blog, we’ll feature some more of Ayesha’s marketing and branding wisdom. Whether you are a government department, small business, start up business or big industry, we all need to market and understand the needs of the consumers and the individuals who make buying decisions for their company.


  1. just starting a new position as an Advertising Rep. for momstown so I am diving head first in learning how to market to women! Looking forward to reading future posts :)

  2. Great points to consider when producing a product or services. Assumptions can get people into trouble! Learning what your customer want is essential to growing your business.

  3. Kelly and Debra, thanks for the comments, well said!

  4. I plan to listen to the clip...hopefully tomorrow. Sounds "key" to success! Thanks for sharing your tips. I had no idea the stats on marketing to women. I look forward to your future posts :)


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