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Are you the NEW NORMAL?

Are you the NEW NORMAL?

There is a new normal in sales, and to be successful, we must know that exactly that is. The old way was cold calls and calling 25 people a day. Now, it is more important to have quality contacts, and 1:1 conversations. Relationships are key! Clients find us now more than they used to. So, businesses must ensure that they have a credible, professional presence.

Colleen Francis was my guest on Corporate Conversations with Charmaine Radio, she  is driven by sales…and results. A successful sales professional for more than 20 years, Colleen has studied the habits of the top sales performers to complement conventional sales wisdom with proven sales strategies that get results in today’s tough economy. The reason Colleen’s clients call on her time and time again is that she gets results!
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  In Colleens’ blog she said it is important to rid ourselves of the sales trash. Cold calls are only about 3% of the business whereas 97% of the sales will come from relationships and continued contacts with clients.  The old sales scripts no longer work, we are in a different era. People want authenticity and relationships, and as Colleen says, credible, current and compelling testimonials.

Some key tips to sales from Colleen include:

- Call people who have been on your website and have signed up for your products or newsletters. Stay in touch with them. Keep the conversation going with them, build relationships.

- Remember it is a slow drip. Building relationships takes time. Most people give up just before the sale is made.  Hang in there.

- Decision makers appreciate rich content and value. Do case studies, content rich articles, let them know when you are in their community, remember them at holidays.

- Stay in touch every 30 days! Yes every 30 days. This can be through newsletters, email, calls, articles, seeding, etc.

With respect to the sales conversation, remember it is a two way conversation. Talk less. Ask a lot of questions to the client, Colleen suggests these questions:

- What are your objectives?

- What is the goal (e.g. of the training, the meeting, the event)?

- What do you hope will be different aft this?

- What do you want people to remember after the event?

Then explore the different ways that their needs can be accomplished. Many experts and business owners are too anxious to tell the client all they can do (without knowing what the client truly needs) and then the client feels “sold to.”

Colleen’s favorite question is to ask yourself (not the client) HOW IS THIS IMPROVING THE CLIENT’S SITUATION/CONDITION?  We must always add value for the client....what are the ways that you add value, stay in touch and build long lasting relationships with your clients?  What are you learning and finding works well in the new normal of sales?

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